Lauren has been a high level athlete her whole life. As a youth national team soccer player, she won a gold medal in the ‘99 Pan American games with the USA U21 squad. She played 4 years of division 1 soccer at UCONN and was drafted to the first ever US Women’s Professional Soccer League, WUSA. Her team, Bay Area Cyberrays, went on to win the first ever national championship, but she was sidelined with a career ending injury.

Searching for something to replace the joys and challenges of soccer, she found Crossfit in 2010 and never looked back. She trained as a member of the crossfit community and coached soccer at the collegiate level for 6 years before moving to NJ and joining CFCR. Today she’s the head Varsity coach for the Pingry girls soccer team in Basking Ridge and a coach at CFCR. When she’s not doing those things, you can find her selling homes in the local area, hanging with her family & dogs, and doing burpees. 😉

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