Sofia Gutierrez has participated in athletics and sports all her life. She started with soccer, basketball, field hockey, and javelin throwing. Most of her High School and college years were spent playing volleyball on their teams. Constantly looking for a new challenge, she found crossfit in 2012.

Crossfit introduced her into the world of weightlifting and ignited her new passion. Under the watchful eyes of Coaches David Jorge, Nick Curry, Frank Datello, and Bob Giordano, she began competing in weightlifting in 2017 and debuted her first national competition in 2019. Sofia believes that knowledge is power so she exposed herself to different international weightlifting philosophies and teachings.

She has attended seminars hosted by Max Aita, Jenny Arthur, and Norik Vardanian. When Sofia is not at the gym, she is at her day job in a wastewater treatment facility as their environmental quality scientist. She also loves gardening and spending time with her wife, Coach Sam, and fur baby, Betty. Sofia has her USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certification.

• CrossFit L1

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