Workout of the Day 09-11-19

9/11 Hero Workout

Run 2 Miles
23 Muscle-Ups
343 Air Squats
37 Deadlift 1.5x/1x bodyweight
2,996 Meter Row

Two mile run in Honor of Firefighter Stephen Siller, who ran with over 70lbs of gear through the Brooklyn battery tunnel while off duty to make his way to the towers, the tunnel is approx. 2 miles. Twenty three Muscle-Ups for the fallen NYPD Officers. Three hundred forty three Air Squats for the fallen FDNY Firefighters. Thirty seven Deadlifts for each of the fallen PAPD Officers. 2,996 Meter Row, in memory of the Two thousand, nine hundred ninety-six lives lost that day lost that day. Partition the middle as needed.