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Intro to CrossFit

These four classes teach you the basics.  We analyze your mobility, strength and conditioning to determine your starting point in fitness. Then we share this data with our coaches so we are 100% ready to train YOU when you enter our daily workout classes.

3 month member success

During your first 3 months of membership a coach is there for you, and will follow up with you weekly to ensure your success! They will provide you with nutritional support and health and fitness guidance. Daily life planning included to help you do the things that matter AND fit in your new fitness routine.

CrossFit Strength + Conditioning

Workouts designed with beginner, novice and intermediate athletes in mind.  This track will develop strength and technique in the basic lifts and focus on building aerobic conditioning to support daily life and healthy body composition changes.


Learn the mechanics of running in a fun group class. Our coaches will improve your technique in the sport of running, while helping you build your aerobic capacity through carefully structured running workouts.  


Yoga will aid in fully recovering from intense workouts and help you regain your natural range of motion. Yoga class sequences are specifically designed to address the needs of that week’s programming.  Bring your body back into balance in our rejuvenating yoga classes.


Build ultimate strength in your Back Squat, Deadlift and Press.  This powerlifting class will provide coaching, cueing and programming that will drive up your strength numbers, guaranteed.

Crossfit Strength + Competitor

Programming with the advanced to expert athlete in mind. This track will utilize heavier loading, barbell cycling and complex gymnastics at rep ranges to challenge competitive athletes.  Lift heavy, Flip Upside down, Go hard. All under the watchful eye of professional coaches.

Olympic Weightlifting

The sport of Olympic Weightlifting is here! Learn from top lifters the skill transfer exercises and techniques necessary to move heavy weight effectively in the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch.

Open Gym

Gymnastics skill work, technical weightlifting and missed workouts can all be completed at Open Gym!  A training session where our coaches will help you achieve your personal goals.

CrossFit Teens

CrossFit will help your teen become fit, strong and confident.  Strength and Conditioning workouts are designed specifically for adolescents, and will meet the needs of both teen athletes and those that just want to stay in shape.

Sports Team Training

Our 9-12 week pre-season Team Training Program prepares young athletes for sports by increasing strength, power, speed and endurance.  A full report provided to parents and coaches to show pre-season gains. Fitter athletes yield stronger seasons and better finishes.

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CrossFit Kids

Kids learn to LOVE exercise at CrossFit Kids classes.  We teach them the basics, and play lots fitness games. At the end of each 6-week session, Kids come away with a love of exercise, an idea of how to workout safely, and a super cool Chimney Rock Kids T-shirt!

After our Intro to Crossfit program you will be advised on whether to pick our Strength and Conditioning Track or our Competitor Track.  From there our expert coaches will tailor and modify any and all workouts to fit the needs and goals of you, the client.  

If you are a beginner, we know how to focus on mechanics and strength development without over-stressing your body in our CrossFit Strength and Conditioning track.  Perfect for beginners to intermediate level athletes, or those mainly focused on body composition change and long term health.

If you are an intermediate athlete and would like to become stronger, faster and fitter, we know how to strategically challenge you in our Crossfit Strength and Conditioning and Competitor tracks…blended… to get you to more advanced skills and workout styles as you are ready to take them on.

If you are an expert, we can build workouts that help you practice your technique while pushing the threshold of your conditioning in our CrossFit Strength and Competitor track.  We train for progress, then push all out in our testing weeks to assess the efficacy of our program. We let the results of the training shine every 6 weeks during testing to prove our program works.

Want an example of how we train? Check out our program design page.