Michael Metzger has been involved with sports and athletics all of his life. From a young age he was bike racing and competing in triathlons as well as high school wrestling and track and field events. After college, he was involved in coaching Track and Field at the high school level and eventually found his way into a CrossFit gym.

The love for CrossFit was instant, and its effect on him was enduring. Becoming stronger, and fitter made a clear and resonant change in his psyche, and he wanted to help others experience the feeling of physical and mental strength and endurance. Mike went on to get his L1 and CF Endurance certs. Using this knowledge and guidance from other’s experience he began coaching. Coaching led to more certificates and experience and eventually led to a transition from full time teaching to gym ownership.

Mike believes that an investment in one’s fitness is what allows their lives to be full. When you’re fitter, you can say yes to more, when you work at your fitness you become stronger, in every sense of the word, physically and more important mentally/psychologically. Working with people to help them gain fitness and access to MORE in life is what makes gym ownership exciting and rewarding.

When Mike isn’t coaching, or working at the gyms, he is found on his Mountain Bike, Snowboard, or with his family.

• CrossFit L1
• CrossFit L2
• CrossFit L3
• CrossFit Endurance
• CrossFit Kids
• CrossFit Weightlifting
• CrossFit Gymnastics
• CrossFit Lesson Planning
• OPEX CCP L1 – Assessment
• OPEX CCP L1 – Program Design
• MAT (Education)

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