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Vitality Focus • Nutrition 1 to 1 • Active Life – Strength Balance and Mobility Assessment • Active Life • Remote Programming • Individual Design Programming • Personal Training

Vitality Focus

$149 per 6 week Focus

We’ve created the Vitality Focus with a systematic approach to changing your mindset regarding eating, living and achieving the desired results of a healthy lifestyle. Work with a coach and:

  • Learn to meal prep
  • Be held accountable
  • Track results on the IN-body
  • Find time for your mental health
    Workout with your community
  • Ask questions and get actionable answers

Spend time on yourself, change your body and mind, and unlock the best version of you!

Nutrition 1 to 1

$149 per month

Your coach will learn about YOU, your lifestyle, your workouts and your goals, and then will prescribe a nutrition plan to meet your needs.  1 to 1 Nutrition Counseling will provide the structure and accountability needed to change your eating habits and ensure lifelong success.

Active Life Strength Balance and Mobility Assessment


Work with our Active Life certified coaches for a comprehensive 1 day assessment.  Each session will come complete with a full write up detailing your results. Review your report card with our Active Life coaches and devise a plan on how to tackle these imbalances.

Active Life Strength Balance and Mobility Programming

$199/month for a 3 month commitment

If you have ongoing mild joint pain, “tightness,” or performance stagnation, we can help.  After a full strength and mobility assessment our Active Life Coaches can write a custom program to resolve your issues.  Stay in the gym, workout with your community, and get better permanently.

Remote Fitness Programming

$199/month for a 3 month commitment

Can’t make it to our gym? We can design a custom program built to fit your schedule and meet your goals…anywhere!  We will start with an comprehensive consultation and assessment. From there we build your strength and conditioning program, provide consistent feedback from your coach, and do monthly video consults to ensure we stay on track.

Individual Design Programming

$299/month for a 3 month commitment

If you have specific goals, and a blanket program isn’t quite fulfilling your needs, then IDP is the way to go.  After an assessment and goal discovery session, your coach will provide weekly workouts and monthly plans that are specific to you.  Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching plus Gym Access and Technique-work all included with IDP.  It’s the most efficient way to fast track progress and success.

Personal Training

$100/hour • $50/half hour

Work one on one with any of our coaches to help you stay on a consistent exercise regimen designed just for you.  Or work on a specific movement and get the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.