Mobility For The Week of 03-07-16

Tuesday Homework
Lying down, lacrosse ball to the lats, 2 minutes each side.
Lat Stretch: Sit Indian style with one foot on top of the other knee. Reach to the opposite side that your foot is on top of, 3 x 30 seconds both sides.
Quad Smash with kettlebell, 3 x 30 seconds both sides.

Thursday In Class
Quadriped Rock
Quad with Alternatiing UE & LE
Seated Hip Flexor Strengthening
Prone Hip Extension; Donkey Kick.
Hamstring Standing Wall Stretch and Scales.

Weekend Homework
2 Rounds, Do Not Come Out Of Plank Throughout Series
30 Second Plank Hold
10 Scapular Push-Ups
30 Second Plank Hold
10 Alternating Leg Lifts
30 Second Plank Hold

Chest Lax Ball Smash On Wall, 2 Minutes Each Side