Strength and Skill Week of 3/6/17


Day 1
10 x 10 Second handstand hold
20 Tuck-up to handstand holds
30 Deficit hand release push-ups
40 Superman pulses

Day 2
5 x20 Second frogstand or crow holds
Accumulate 2min handstand hold (n2w)
2 x 30 handstand shifts b2w (back to wall)
4 min tabata hollow rocks

Day 3
5 rounds for quality
Accumulate 1 min handstand (least support possible)
10 Strict barbell presses @ 65% bodyweight
10 Hollow to superman rocks
Max distance hollow body slides (use sliders from rear cubbies under feet)

Note: The next 4 weeks will be handstand development. Identify your level of proficiency and execute the drills along this continuum: 2 feet on a box, 1 foot on box (1 leg extended), back to wall (b2w), nose to wall (n2w), freestanding.

See day 3 of barbell and Olympic lifting