Prehab is the New Rehab

Stop Injuries Before they Stop You

Are you dealing with a nagging pain that you have “just had forever”? Well, if the answer is yes, you are one of the many who think that the nagging pain will just go away over time.  The funny thing is, that it’s not as easy as you think to get rid of, just like that nagging significant other.

Your body sends pain signals to your brain to tell it to stop or alter a negative movement.  If we ignore that pain, those microtraumas can eventually turn into a macrotrauma. Those are the instances that will put you out of the gym or your favorite activity for significantly longer periods of time.   Does this mean you need to stop working out all together? In most cases, no, if you can catch the symptoms early enough.

Prehab is defined as any form of strength training aimed to prevent injuries before the actual occurrence.  This type of program is offered by physical therapists and consists of a few key items. First, a thorough assessment is performed to determine any significant muscular imbalances, joint stiffness, abnormal postural habits or limitations with movement patterns.  Next, modalities can be performed to address any unique areas that are limited. Finally, specified programming can be tailored to heal or create balance in weak musculature that could be limiting proper mobility.

Typically, prehab was first initiated for the pre-operative patient attempting to maximize strength prior to surgery.  The goal was to improve the rate of healing and regain muscle faster than those who went without prehabilitation. Why wait until you are at a pre-operative state?  For as hard as you may work out in the gym, I am sure there are some joints and muscles that have been calling your name. Take control of your symptoms early so you can get back to normal activities faster!